Vår mailserver har blivit utsatt för en virusattack, Vi har därför stängt ner mailservern helt just nu.

Vi felsöker och ser vad som kan göras åt problemet.



Vi har attackerats av ett virus som kallas Sage 2.2 Mer info om detta nedan.

Vi jobbar på att rensa ut det samt att återställa backuper.


The Sage 2.2 tool is a more aggressive version of the Cerber ransomware. But it isn’t particularly original when it comes to encryption tactics. The tool follows the usual programming. Once it gains access to your system, it takes over, and locks your files. It then displays its ransom note that comes either in an HTML or TXT file. Sometimes, both. And, the demands are pretty standard, as well. Pay a ransom in Bitcoin, and when you do, you’ll receive a decryption key. Apply said key, and you’ll free your files from the clutches of Sage 2.2. It all seems rather straightforward, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not. There are so many ways the exchange can go wrong. You can get swindled out of thousands of dollars, and still have no key. Or, you can receive one, but it’s the wrong one and it does nothing. And, what’s your best-case scenario? You get the right one and it works. But then what? By transferring the sum of money to these people, you give them access to private information. Your personal and financial details will fall in their hands. Do you think that ends well for you? Don’t kid yourself. Don’t wait for extortionists to keep their end of the bargain. They won’t. And, even if they do, you still lose. It’s a game, you can’t win as the odds are stacked against you. So, do yourself a favor. Don’t play at all. You’re NOT dealing with people, who you can trust to keep their word. Pick the lesser evil, and forsake your files for the sake of your privacy. It’s much more precious.


17-03-18 16:00

Vi har nu fått igång mailtrafiken och rensat upp lite i röran,

Vi har återställt en backup som inte var infekterad,

Detta kan innebära att ngt eller några mail har trillat bort.


Vi kommer jobba vidare på upprensning och felsökning,



Attacken fortsätter!

Vi väljer nu att installera om hela servern och återställa en ren backup av alla filer.


Allt är nu ominstallerat och backup återläst.